Coca-Cola With Coffee… Why?

I was doing some research on different types of coffee (as one normally does at 7pm on a Thursday night) and I came across Coca-Cola with coffee as a thing.

I couldn’t believe it until I went to the nearest grocery store and saw these concoctions for myself.

So I picked up a Dark Blend and a Vanilla to try and here’s a short-and-sweet review for an equally short-and-sweet soda sipping experience (as I could only muster a few sips of each):

Dark Blend

~It sips like a Coke and is… coffee-ish. It’s more-so a Coke with an aftertaste, but not quite coffee-like.

~For a Dark Blend, it doesn’t taste dark. It just feels like there’s something extra there.

~I honestly wouldn’t know this was coffee-flavored unless I was told beforehand.

~It’s just confusing. It feels like drinking both a coffee and a Coke at the same time… Why? Who is this for?

~The Coke neutralizes the bitterness of the coffee, and the coffee also neutralizes some of the throat-graininess of the Coke with a smooth quality. It’s surprisingly smoother than you’d think for a soda.

~It tastes more like a coffee after trying the Vanilla.


~It’s more Vanilla than anything else. The Vanilla overpowers the Coke in taste yet still smells like a Coke.

~It feels like there’s waaay too much sugar.

~If I wanted a Coke I wouldn’t buy this, and if I wanted a coffee I wouldn’t buy this. This is like a completely separate thing from both that meets the expectations of neither.

~It’s very sweet, fizzy, and did I mention Vanilla?

~There is virtually no coffee taste.

~This is too bubbly for something that should be more coffee-like.

~It’s like a cognitive dissonance.

~It tastes even more Vanilla-like followed by a bland nothingness after trying the Dark Blend.

Overall, it was fun to try these, especially with good company, but I won’t be buying these again.

Have you tried these things? Which ones are your favorite (if any)?

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