From a wanna-be psychologist to a self-employed writer, here I am now finding meaningful ways to connect with others.

I craft connections, content, and coffee. I strive to make everyone feel heard in the way I show up daily. I believe the best way to help others is by living an authentic life you yourself are proud of. In doing so, you inspire those around you to do the same.

I want to encourage people to realize what they, and you, already know: you are stronger than you think, you have options, and your changes are for the better. Yes, there is a daunting amount of uncertainty that often comes with venturing into the unknown, but a lot of what we consider to be “world-ending” often isn’t. You are, and will be, alright.

Life has a funny way of moving on whether you’re ready or not, so you may as well hop on and enjoy the ride with all of its ups and downs. It’s not much of a life if there aren’t any of either.

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I hope you find comfort in this blog knowing you are not alone as I work alongside many others to normalize conversations about mental health.

It would mean the world to me if you read through and share what resonates with you to your loved ones.

If I can help one person, then it is all worth it. Everything.

Thank you for being here.

Writing a day keeps the demons boredom at bay.

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