A Constellation Of Choices

People can do incredible things. They can think themselves to death and self-heal when on the brink of it. They can feel others’ indescribable pain and overcome their own. People can change the world, even if it is just their own, and that’s all that matters. We are a constellation of choices, choosing our consequences… Continue reading A Constellation Of Choices

Eddie and The Mr. E

Eddie fervently sniffs the ground beneath him with his quivering little nose as he scampers across the damp forest floor pursuing a particular smell. He cannot quite place its significance, but its allure is irresistible. It is almost laced with the nostalgia of freshly-fried beetles, just like his mother used to make. The rain is… Continue reading Eddie and The Mr. E

Signed, The Espressialist

Welcome to The Twilight Owl. Only from the hours of dusk till dawn does this fabled magical cat café appear. Mortals and witches abound in this intermediary space at the crossroads of perpendicular dimensions. Magical beings are privy to the unique magical concoctions The Espressialist provides, ranging in a variety of effects highly sought after… Continue reading Signed, The Espressialist

What If… There Were No What Ifs

“But what about the rules?” “RULES?” the creature rounds on her incredulously. “Whatever do you mean, my sweet child?” “Surely there must be something you follow,” the girl says cautiously. “You can’t really expect me to believe you just sit around all day and write or do whatever madness flows to mind.” “Oh, but you’ve… Continue reading What If… There Were No What Ifs

A Cat’s Calling Unanswered

In a forest clearing under the blinking stars on the night of the witch’s thirteenth birthday a cat emerges. With an air of importance he plods along through the rolling fog toward the center spotlight. The cat is as dark as the void is deep within its heart, waiting and yearning to be filled with… Continue reading A Cat’s Calling Unanswered

Self-Sustaining Eco-Space

“We’ve got a special deal on this beauty right here,” the merchant squawks and hobbles over heavily to the gangly man. Her hands are wearing tattered oven mitts and clasped together holding something gingerly. She flashes a toothy grin at him before plopping a tiny trinket onto the rotting countertop. The minuscule object rolls forward… Continue reading Self-Sustaining Eco-Space

Professional Copy Worrier For Hire

Worried about what it takes to start your new website for that passionate side business you’ve been dreaming of finally taking off the backburner? Anxious about adding effective landing page copy? Perturbed about any problems that could spring up beyond your control in venturing on your own path? Allow me to take on your burdens.… Continue reading Professional Copy Worrier For Hire