Happy Goat Don’t Float My Boat (Review Of Coffee, Not Goats)

I went to Staples today and to my surprise there was a whole cafe tucked into the corner featuring all things Happy Goat Coffee Company-related.

I figured I may as well give something a try and went for the Fall Special Apple Crisp Steamer.

It had an extremely strong and pleasant cinnamon smell. Instantly I was hooked.

Until I took the first sip.

Picture an oozing over-baked apple turnover pastry that was left on the counter and then reheated in the microwave for too long.

It was very apple-y and more bitter than expected.

The consistency was more of a fluid mix of different tastes.

This drink is not for those who like the Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato at Starbucks (that one is much more distinct, crisp, and deliciously blended with its complimentary apple and coffee notes).

This Happy Goat smelled much better than it tasted.

Every sip also hits the back of your throat with sudden warmth, which was a questionable quality for it to have.

Personally, I was not a fan of this one.

The barista serving it was in a bad mood. Now, I’ve been a barista, so I’m not blaming her, but people don’t consider how much a person’s mood influences the taste of the foods or drinks they prepare. I hope she had a better evening.

Like when my partner makes me coffee, I can literally feel the love with every sip in the cup. ❤

I took the drink outside and it tasted better with the beautiful October afternoon sunlight. The cafe aesthetic was definitely lacking being surrounded by office supplies and disgruntled employees.

Every other sip I was tempted to change my mind about this drink. As soon as I tried to put into words how I felt about it, the coffee became stubborn and veered contrary in taste to what I had just said out loud. Truly peculiar.

It was genuinely good when I held each sip in my mouth for about two seconds first.

The last few sips tasted even better cold.

I was determined to like this coffee as I was treated to it amongst good company, but alas this one just wasn’t it. As happy as the goats surely must be, I most certainly wasn’t.

Nevertheless, I was promised that the drip coffee was outstanding, so perhaps I will give that one a try the next time.

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