A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

“Elizabeth, my heart will go on loving you for the rest of my days, but I’d trade them all up in a heartbeat just to share one more with you,” Buck says softly gazing out into the chilly sea beneath him. ~~~~ “Uh, sorry Captain, I didn’t quite catch that. Is everything alright?” The inquiring… Continue reading A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

A Lasting Thought

“Don’t think you’ll be getting my help again with your next move!” she mutters to herself smiling as she cautiously walks down the steps with an armful of haphazardly-taped boxes knowing perfectly well she thought this to herself the last time and yet she fully intends to help with the next moving process again, whenever… Continue reading A Lasting Thought

The “Last” Thought (But Not Really)

What a devastatingly beautiful thing it is to experience a string of lasts before a major life transition, with handfuls of mundane moments slipping through your fingers, the frequency of them suddenly becoming finite and more precious as the infinite possibilities of new, dear, valuable experiences wait to greet you on the horizon of upcoming… Continue reading The “Last” Thought (But Not Really)

A Clicking Thought

Here’s a trick I discovered that does wonders for when you need to ground yourself in a pinch: imagine your mind is like a pair of binoculars; when you look through the lens, the perspective it yields may seem unclear or uncertain; but, after some trial-and-error adjusting the view, suddenly that *click* comes and the… Continue reading A Clicking Thought