Five Story Springboards For Call Me Kat

Call Me Cold Feet → Kat vs Max, Randi vs Gideon, Sheila & Carter (props) Sheila tells Kat one of her retirement home friends’ daughters is getting married. Randi offers a bridal photoshoot. Randi practices by taking photos of Gideon for his post-Amish-life online dating profile. Gideon wants more humble photos whereas Randi takes it… Continue reading Five Story Springboards For Call Me Kat

A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

“Elizabeth, my heart will go on loving you for the rest of my days, but I’d trade them all up in a heartbeat just to share one more with you,” Buck says softly gazing out into the chilly sea beneath him. ~~~~ “Uh, sorry Captain, I didn’t quite catch that. Is everything alright?” The inquiring… Continue reading A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

Elizabeth On The Precipice Of Choice (Part 13)

How do you make a life-changing choice? Assuming we are lucky enough to know that it has the capacity of changing our life, that is. Your life can change with just the utterance of 7 words. One sentence. One moment. The gravity of that realization may make you stop and think about where you may… Continue reading Elizabeth On The Precipice Of Choice (Part 13)

Waiting For A Moment (Part 12 – Lost To The Void)

There comes a point in every writer’s life when the mental chatter of their main character just stops. Perhaps the story has been written into a rut, or something has been said that was better left alone. Perhaps a character is faced with options, each one so compelling that it splits them into quarters. Perhaps… Continue reading Waiting For A Moment (Part 12 – Lost To The Void)

The Unravelling Tear (Part 11)

Far out on the outskirts of the ever-expanding universe snoozes a kitten happily with his belly facing up. He lies on an old discarded carpet that somehow manages to operate with the earthly physics of sufficient gravity and adequate oxygen supply, following the creature around underfoot like an encompassing bubble or shadow that does not… Continue reading The Unravelling Tear (Part 11)

Inside The Mind Of A Squirrel (Part 10)

Fear. Frustration. Confusion. Despair. Hunger. Buck sizes up the beast before him and trembles in the body he resides, painfully aware of how tiny and insignificant he is against this posed threat. He curses that woman for making a mockery of his form and hopes he does not die in this dismal state. He briefly… Continue reading Inside The Mind Of A Squirrel (Part 10)

The Missing Element (Part 9)

Buck lurches back from the frail woman as he feels her surprisingly strong grip start to sear into his flesh, but she clutches him even tighter. The light bouncing all around them is blinding, yet he can faintly make out the ears and eyes of the curious cats encircling them. The old toothbrush, still crackling… Continue reading The Missing Element (Part 9)

The Transformation (Part 8)

Becoming a chicken, and a giant one no less, is a rather dark process indeed. It is a curse concealing a blessing, a burden to lighten the load and the consequence of Buck’s vanity that ultimately serves him. Dark, isolating and painful. Buck goes through this alone, drowning in feathers, clouded with cynicism. The interesting… Continue reading The Transformation (Part 8)

Every Elizabeth, Each Enthralling (Part 7)

Who is Elizabeth? She is the One. The subject of the unfinished yet malleable prophecy of the fabric of reality. She is known by several different names and takes on various identities as she is fractured into four parallels. Each one is a part, every bit as enthralling alone as the whole. It is a… Continue reading Every Elizabeth, Each Enthralling (Part 7)