First Part Of Outline For Call Me Kat Spec

CALL ME KAT “Call Me Freaky” Outline COLD OPEN INT. THE MIDDLE C PIANO BAR – DAY At the BAR, KAT snores to the irritation of the other PATRONS. SHEILA coughs progressively louder while MAX, RANDI, and GIDEON half-heartedly poke her to no avail. She startles awake when CARTER quietly dings a SHOT GLASS. Carter:… Continue reading First Part Of Outline For Call Me Kat Spec

Five Story Springboards For Call Me Kat

Call Me Cold Feet → Kat vs Max, Randi vs Gideon, Sheila & Carter (props) Sheila tells Kat one of her retirement home friends’ daughters is getting married. Randi offers a bridal photoshoot. Randi practices by taking photos of Gideon for his post-Amish-life online dating profile. Gideon wants more humble photos whereas Randi takes it… Continue reading Five Story Springboards For Call Me Kat

A Constellation Of Choices

People can do incredible things. They can think themselves to death and self-heal when on the brink of it. They can feel others’ indescribable pain and overcome their own. People can change the world, even if it is just their own, and that’s all that matters. We are a constellation of choices, choosing our consequences… Continue reading A Constellation Of Choices

A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

“Elizabeth, my heart will go on loving you for the rest of my days, but I’d trade them all up in a heartbeat just to share one more with you,” Buck says softly gazing out into the chilly sea beneath him. ~~~~ “Uh, sorry Captain, I didn’t quite catch that. Is everything alright?” The inquiring… Continue reading A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

Eddie and The Mr. E

Eddie fervently sniffs the ground beneath him with his quivering little nose as he scampers across the damp forest floor pursuing a particular smell. He cannot quite place its significance, but its allure is irresistible. It is almost laced with the nostalgia of freshly-fried beetles, just like his mother used to make. The rain is… Continue reading Eddie and The Mr. E

Long Lost, But Not Forgotten (Part 14)

*We are unavailable to take your call. Please leave a message. Thank you for calling.* BEEEEEEP. Um, hello there. Elizabeth? It’s me. I’m, uh, sorry it took me so long to reach out to you. It must have seemed like ages passed before you got this, since I’ve been gone for so long. I, um,… Continue reading Long Lost, But Not Forgotten (Part 14)

Cases of Mystery (Part 2)

The Espressialist notes a peculiar newfound sense of urgency in the air in this early twilight hour. Human customers are pouring into The Twilight Owl in droves, lining up out the door to buy cases of these tiny coffees. Most people simply prefer to unwind at the coffee bar with one elegantly crafted brew, occasionally… Continue reading Cases of Mystery (Part 2)

The Twilight Owl (Part 1)

The soft pitter-pattering of the rain on the lavender stained glass windows of the Twilight Owl brings with it a blanket of calm to the regular café patrons lounging within. A low buzz of conversation fills the air as the ambient music underscores their pleasantries. The fairy lights strewn about the place twinkle with an… Continue reading The Twilight Owl (Part 1)

Signed, The Espressialist

Welcome to The Twilight Owl. Only from the hours of dusk till dawn does this fabled magical cat café appear. Mortals and witches abound in this intermediary space at the crossroads of perpendicular dimensions. Magical beings are privy to the unique magical concoctions The Espressialist provides, ranging in a variety of effects highly sought after… Continue reading Signed, The Espressialist