A Constellation Of Choices

People can do incredible things. They can think themselves to death and self-heal when on the brink of it. They can feel others’ indescribable pain and overcome their own. People can change the world, even if it is just their own, and that’s all that matters. We are a constellation of choices, choosing our consequences… Continue reading A Constellation Of Choices

How-To Stick To Daily Habits

I have been doing yoga daily for about 4 years now. I have also been journaling for 165 consecutive days and currently I am on a 16-day blogging streak. My mom has been on a Duolingo streak learning Japanese for 520 days straight and my partner is on day 356 of his OC365 passion project… Continue reading How-To Stick To Daily Habits

10 Positive Affirmations You Deserve To Hear

Happy Sunday. Today is just a day like any other. If for any reason you’re finding this particular day or a specific moment in it to be difficult, here are 10 positive affirmations to help guide you through it. I am enough just as I am. I am safe, happy and loved. I made the… Continue reading 10 Positive Affirmations You Deserve To Hear

“A Jack Of All Trades Is A Master Of None, But…”

Did you know there was a second part to that common saying? “… but oftentimes better than a master of one.” I only learned about this recently, and I’m so glad that I did. It immediately shifts the whole meaning of the sentence from a derogatory one, criticizing a person’s inability or unwillingness to adhere… Continue reading “A Jack Of All Trades Is A Master Of None, But…”

How-To Cope With Certain Uncertainty

To be perfectly honest, I don’t actually know the answer to this yet. I’m still trying to learn how to regularly cope with the uncertainty that life frequently comes with, but it seems like this is a common and collective objective. Trying to find meaning, stability and a sense of acceptance in the unknown future… Continue reading How-To Cope With Certain Uncertainty

Old New Year And New Old Goals

Today is January 14th, which is great news for you if your 2022 New Year’s resolutions have already fallen apart like some of mine have. Why? Because it’s Old New Year! This is a holiday based off the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian one we typically use in the world today, where the former… Continue reading Old New Year And New Old Goals

Naming 3 Things And The Solace It Brings

When I was volunteering at a crisis line for a year a repeat caller seemed to find it extremely helpful when I asked a variety of distracting questions and statements. The one common theme that tied them all together was to phrase things in threes. People in crisis tend to be in fight-or-flight mode and… Continue reading Naming 3 Things And The Solace It Brings

How-To Start The New Year Right

How’s the first Monday of the year treating you? Personally, it hit me like a truck. I snoozed right through 7 of my alarms (thus already ruining my frankly far too optimistic routine plan for the year), barely flowed through all the poses in my morning yoga practice, and spent the entire day procrastinating grading… Continue reading How-To Start The New Year Right

How-To Make The Most Of The Holidays

While many may regard the holiday season as a time of merriment and relaxation, others may find their mental health becoming increasingly exacerbated with sudden pressures related to stressful financial situations, ongoing social obligations and ever-changing plans.  Here are some ways to make the most of the holidays even if you may be struggling to… Continue reading How-To Make The Most Of The Holidays

How-To Seize The Day (If It’s Getting Away From You)

No matter who you are, we all have days when we struggle to roll out of bed or we just can’t seem to get started on the right foot. Leaning into the frustration that comes with this and taking action to treat yourself can turn a bad day into just a bad moment.  Free your… Continue reading How-To Seize The Day (If It’s Getting Away From You)