Blue Bottle Coffee Cold Brew Review: Bright Vs Bold

I was in New York City this past week where I kept bumping into Blue Bottle Coffee shops. I didn’t realize they had locations in NYC, as well as LA, SF, and Japan. Hearing good things, I thought I’d go in and try their cold brews to combat the scorching heat.

First up: Bright

On its own, it’s a no from me. It tasted overwhelmingly of cherries and had way more of a nuanced palate than you’d expect from a simple cold brew, though some coffee connoisseurs who are more connoisseur-ers than I may prefer this. It did grow on me with every sip. I ended up asking for a glass of ice, pouring the brew over, and splashing in oat milk. The new classic taste did the trick.

Last but not least: Single Origin Columbia

This one I enjoyed black. It was fantastic. The fruiter notes were much fainter and definitely palatable. It tasted more like a proper coffee than a fruity mocktail wanna-be. I split this one amongst my family members for Easter and they all had great things to say.

So, which one?

100% the bold single origin Columbian one. But if you had a different taste test experience, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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