Third Part Of Outline For Call Me Kat Spec



Kat, Max, Randi, and Gideon play JUMANGI seated around a table dressed as FRODO BAGGINS, KYLO REN, THE DOCTOR, and GOLLUM, respectively. Sipping wine by the bar on a stool is Sheila commenting on the action judgementally despite wearing a PRINCESS PEACH CROWN herself. Meanwhile, Carter and Darren man the bar without a hitch, enviously drawing Kat’s awe. Carter mercilessly reminds Kat of their bet: “You’re not out of the woods yet, hobbit. Your next adventure is to clean my toilets. And they nasty.”

Shrugging, Kat smiles and waves to the camera along with the rest of the cast as “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys plays. Kat and Max hop behind the bar to mix drinks with Darren while Carter and Randi dance with each other. Happily, Sheila continues enjoying her wine, whereas Gideon sneaks up to Kat and steals the precious LORD OF THE RINGS RING she had in her pocket before joining in on the dancing himself. All the elderly bar patrons, puppy yoga class customers, and teen influencers make their appearance here as well to dance in their own unique ways.

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