Five Story Springboards For Call Me Kat

Call Me Cold Feet

→ Kat vs Max, Randi vs Gideon, Sheila & Carter (props)

Sheila tells Kat one of her retirement home friends’ daughters is getting married. Randi offers a bridal photoshoot. Randi practices by taking photos of Gideon for his post-Amish-life online dating profile. Gideon wants more humble photos whereas Randi takes it too far. Kat struggles to run the café alone for the day, so Max helps. Tensions mount with their different attitudes to the job. Carter and Randi have a heart to heart about her worries of married life. Kat and Max have a similar one about both living and working together. Gideon gets a date, but is cat-fished by a goth.

Call Me Thrifty

→  Kat vs Max, Carter vs Gideon, Sheila & Randi (props)  

Carter complains to Kat about how Randi can’t stand his new look after selling all his nice clothes to chip away at his debt. Kat suggests thrifting and Gideon invites himself. Carter is so annoyed with Gideon and his newfound thrifted pager that he teaches him hide and seek. Hearing Sheila’s warnings of couples living together letting the romance die, Kat and Max try to reignite their flame. With the café to themselves, Gideon crashes their date with a beeping pager and a game of hide and seek. Randi offers to take Carter thrifting and Kat and Max redo their date.

Call Me In Your Dreams

→ Kat vs Randi, Max vs Gideon, Sheila & Carter (props)

Hearing about Sheila’s sleepovers with the ladies in her retirement home, Kat wants a sleepover weekend with Randi like they used to do and asks to come over. Max invites Carter over for a guy’s night and Gideon shows up, too. Max later writes a song for a high-profile client using Gideon’s tune he heard in his sleep. When he later learns it was Gideon’s tune, Max feels like a fraud. Gideon gets him to go ahead with his deal as he’s just happy to have his tune heard. Randi takes her newfound host control overboard. Randi and Kat compromise with a horror rom com. 

Call Me Freaky

→ Kat vs Carter, Randi vs Gideon, Sheila & Max (props)

Kat complains to Carter about how much harder her cafe is to run than his bar, so they swap for a day. Whoever cracks first has to clean the other’s toilets/litter boxes. Sheila invites her retirement home ladies to the bar. Kat gets Max to help her. Carter butts heads with Randi over who is the real boss. Randi kicks Gideon out for the day when his help only makes things worse. Kat cracks first, but Carter also has a newfound appreciation of her business. Gideon comes back after having spent the day playing Jumangi at Corks and Orcs and now believes in dragons.

Call Me Corey Hart

→ Kat vs Randi, Max vs Sheila, Carter & Gideon (props)

Kat’s roaster temporarily runs out of coffee beans. Gideon suggests she try roasting her own coffee. Randi helps. Max is tired of performing every night and wants to get inspired writing songs by watching a big talent show. Carter hosts it. Sheila is interested and wants to sing a song from her old pageant days. Sheila’s eye appointment gets rescheduled, so she gets eye drops and wears sunglasses. She worries about her eyesight, age, and being forgotten. Max has a deep talk with her and writes a song about her to help her legacy. Sheila performs “Sunglasses at Night.” Kat shares her homemade “Pageant Coffee.” The audience wears sunglasses to support Sheila.

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