Beat Sheet For Call Me Kat Spec

Cold Open

  • Kat is slumped over the bar at The Middle C sound asleep snoring like a drunken sailor.
  • Randi, Max, Sheila, and Gideon gently shake her and jab at how awfully tired she is.
  • Carter tries to wake Kat up with his progressively louder and more irritated coughing. 
  • Kat finally startles awake when Carter accidentally dings a shot glass quietly.
  • Carter asks why Kat is sleeping at his business and messing up his work flow.
  • Kat tells Carter about the mess from puppy yoga class customers. Took all night to clean.
  • Carter seems to lack sympathy for Kat’s problems as he continues to wipe down glasses.
  • Kat complains to Carter about how hard her café is to run and that he wouldn’t get it.
  • Carter looks incredulously at her and bets Kat she couldn’t survive a day running his bar.
  • Kat takes that bet and raises the stakes to whoever caves first cleans the other’s toilets.

Title Card

Act 1

  • Kat is happily shaking margaritas and sliding drinks across the bar, but drops everything.
  • Max is playing old-timey piano music along with Kat’s bar mixing shenanigans.
  • Gideon comes to the bar and starts mixing random drinks. He thinks he’s switching, too.
  • Kat explains the switch is just her. Thinking more, she sends Gideon on a sabotage quest.
  • Gideon objects, but Kat explains how cutthroat this competition with Carter is.
  • Gideon feels wrong about messing with Carter, but Kat tempts him with an Ikea visit.

  • Randi and Carter are pounding back espresso shots laughing and having a good time.
  • Sheila comes into the cafe asking Carter what his plan is to sabotage Kat.
  • Carter is confused, but Sheila clarifies Kat fights dirty and wants to put her in her place.
  • Seeing Gideon make a weird beeline to the kitchen, Randi suggests Sheila sabotage.
  • Carter starts to protest this, but Sheila interrupts him with an ominous “Say no more.”

  • Kat starts giving away free booze to a few requests since she’s too awkward to say no.
  • Kat is soon swamped with drinks. The bar fills up with Sheila’s retirement home friends.
  • Kat answers the ringing bar phone to a health inspector announcing a surprise visit today. 
  • Max comes to help Kat and sees drunken elders and granny belly shots happening.
  • Kat frantically explains the problem and Max reassures her that they will sort it all out.
  • Kat points out everything unsanitary, like a large sweaty shirtless old man playing piano.

  • Randi tries to make a latte for a customer, but sees that she is out of espresso beans.
  • Randi goes to the kitchen to check the stock, but sees stacks of unrecognizable pastry.
  • Gideon declares that he made his Amish friendship bread with all of the espresso beans.
  • Gideon then spills the beans and confesses to sabotaging and his overwhelming guilt.
  • Randi is frustrated with Gideon, but he soon realizes that his last loaf of bread is burning.
  • Gideon grabs the fire extinguisher, but messes up the kitchen and foams Randi.
  • Carter walks in to ask for Randi’s help with making latte art and is shocked at the scene.
  • Randi explains they can’t make latte art because they have no espresso beans for lattes.
  • Randi then tells Carter about the sabotage. Carter kicks Gideon out to find more beans.
  • Randi offers a makeshift coffee solution. Carter asks if it will work. Randi says nope.

Act 2

  • Kat is furiously scrubbing the bar clean. She finds moldy scones in all the wrong places.
  • Max makes drinks and ushers the old out making sure they don’t bother other patrons.
  • Kat is fielding conversations from some drunk elders trying not to snap from the stress.
  • Gideon comes in at the worst time to ask Kat where he can find espresso beans. 
  • Kat is busy and tells Gideon the beans are sold at Corks and Orcs instead of beside them.
  • Gideon heads out excited that orcs exist yet apprehensive about facing one himself.
  • Max gets an important call from his agent and tells Kat he has to step out for a bit.
  • One of Sheila’s drunk friends accidentally slings a cold french fry right into Kat’s eye.

  • Carter is frantically pressing five different French Presses. Randi is making drip coffee.
  • Carter is snapping at all of the customers. Some influencers are displeased by his work.
  • Carter keeps trying to manage Randi, but she retaliates by pointing out his mistakes.
  • All of the served cafe customers are loudly complaining about their watered down coffee.
  • Cats are all around the kitchen hissing at the dogs who came from a puppy yoga class.
  • Carter starts having mild allergic reactions to all of the animals and spilling everything.
  • Gideon returns all dressed up as Gandalf the White with Potter’s glasses and a light saber.
  • Carter asks Gideon for the beans, but he was distracted by Corks and Orcs and forgot.
  • Randi lashes out at Gideon about the espresso beans. Gideon runs to the kitchen upset.
  • More tension mounts as Carter snaps at Randi that they could have used Gideon’s help.
  • Carter convinces Randi to have a heart to heart with Gideon, who offers a fix to the mess.

  • Max comes back and sees Kat in distress. He tells her to have a seat and to let him help.
  • Kat sits down and spills about all the pain points – unruly drunks; lost payment; no cats.
  • Max sympathizes with Kat and says that’s a reason why he’s pursuing his singing career.
  • Kat announces how there’s no way she’ll be able to satisfy the young health inspector.
  • Sheila hears this and is flattered by the “young” compliment. She decides to tell the truth.
  • Cut to Sheila making a call and putting on a fake voice pretending to be the inspector.
  • Kat deadpans to the camera, gives up, and goes to ring the Last Call bell way too early.

  • Gideon fixes the watered down coffees turning them into his famous Amish coffee soup.
  • The coffee soup and friendship bread are offered discounted and both are well received.
  • Kat, Max, and Sheila return to the cafe. Kat tells Carter she closed the bar and folds.
  • Carter is pleased to have won, but also launches into an apology about how hard it was.

Post-Credits Stinger

  • Kat, Max, Randi, and Gideon are all at a bar table playing Jumanji. Sheila comments.
  • Kat watches in awe for a bit while Carter does his work, not daring to complain.
  • Carter flatly reminds Kat about the toilets. Kat shrugs, smiles, and waves to the camera.

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