A Deal For Thought (Part 15)

“Elizabeth, my heart will go on loving you for the rest of my days, but I’d trade them all up in a heartbeat just to share one more with you,” Buck says softly gazing out into the chilly sea beneath him.


“Uh, sorry Captain, I didn’t quite catch that. Is everything alright?” The inquiring high-pitch voice unceremoniously rips into the peaceful twilight air. A crewman hobbles over to the outline of a hulking shadow having overheard a melancholic whisper carried out on the wind.

Buck doesn’t answer. He remains transfixed with a steely gaze out on the horizon. The crewman sees a drop of water slither down the Captain’s cheek. Was it his imagination or could that be a tear? No, the Captain wouldn’t dare to here out in the open. It must be just a splash from the sea.

“Um, Captain?”

The crewman hesitantly extends out a hand trying to reach for the Captain’s shoulder.

Buck feels a light rustling on his jacket and shrugs it off with a startled squawk. He instantly snaps out of his thoughts and hastily clears his throat.

“Ahem, assemble the rest of the crew. We need to discuss our next move.”

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