Minneapolis Mixtures: 7 Days Of Coffee (Day 7)

It’s my last day in Minnesota and I’m sad to go.

I had a truly wonderful week here. I met lots of genuinely kind people and made countless connections that will last a lifetime. I experienced cool content at VeeCon from amazing panelists, ate surprisingly delicious food, enjoyed some wonderful coffee, and walked more than 10,000 steps a day. I learned a lot about web3 and I’m ready to continue exploring this new space with more curiosity and a growth-oriented mindset.

Because I had to leave for the airport at 3am, the only coffee shop that was open was Caribou Coffee, an old familiar favourite by now. Considering that on one of my 7 days here I ordered and reviewed 2 coffees, both of which happened to be from Caribou Coffee, I decided to revisit a drink I had already tried, one that I knew was certifiable good according to me, and got the turtle mocha again from the airport after security. It tasted exactly the same as before in all its delicious glory. There was another cafe I could have tried, but that one, and all the others here, were closed (and still are), which is terribly inconvenient for a place where people are milling about at all hours of the night and day.

Honestly, I think Caribou Coffee is underrated. I know it’s a chain, but its convenience has saved me quite a few times this week due to its prolonged hours of operation and the sheer number of their stores available to pop into. You can practically sneeze in any which way direction and there’ll either be the shop itself or someone walking by with a coffee from it.

When I next find myself in Minnesota, or any other travel place for that matter, I’ll be sure to make more of an effort to prioritize visiting smaller and more local cafes when trying new coffees. But, I did feel pretty good about the ones I’ve tried this week, especially considering we ran into a couple of locals and each one recommended Dunn Brothers, Caribou Coffee, and Spyhouse Coffee, all of which I got into.

Thank you for following along my coffee (and crypto) journey. I only meant to focus on purely the coffee aspect, but the influence of VeeCon inevitable seeped through my work. It truly had a profound and positive impact on me and I will hopefully try to write more about it in depth soon.

Thank you to my partner for giving me the opportunity to attend this conference with him and to share in its experiences. I appreciate you.

And, thank you, Gary V, for the life-changing positive impact you have on so many people’s lives, mine included. Your care shows. You really see people in the present moment. They notice it and feel heard. I am grateful to have met you this week and to have had the chance to share with you my story. It’s definitely a good one 🙂

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