Minneapolis Mixtures: 7 Days Of Coffee (Day 6)

This was by far the best one to date: a perfect 10 out of 10 🙂

I’m so glad I got the chance to get a VeeFriends-themed latte art drink even after VeeCon had ended. My partner messaged the cafe on Twitter to ask if there was any hope in getting one, and there was!

I ordered a hot salted caramel latte from the Gray Fox Coffee coffeeshop in the AT&T Tower, which was located in a fancy spacious hotel lobby with lots of dangly lights and a sophisticated air of conversation that took place in a plush-filled lounging area.

The most impressive thing about this whole place was the machine that they used to make the latte art. I was too busy admiring the accuracy of the VeeFriends series 1 art designs, but my partner said he saw the device lift up each cup and laser-print the drawings on top of the foam. I believe salted caramel syrup was used to draw the designs, but I will need to do some more research after my flights to figure out what exactly this cool new technology is and how it works. I think some 3d design is involved.

The drink was so salty (in the best way), so caramel-ly, so creamy, and super light yet somehow also thick simultaneously. It was very full-bodied, melodious, and smooth. The frothed milk foam was flat like a perfectly baked pastry and the writing on it was surprisingly more legible than I had expected.

And, it had a Very, Very, Very, Very Lucky Black Cat on it!! That character is one of my favorites 🙂

If it wasn’t a limited edition exclusive drink, I’d definitely go out of my way to come back to this place and try the Gifted Goat latte art. My partner got a Patient Panda design with his London fog featuring oat milk, which, to be honest, was kind of bland and missing the creamy goodness of the London fog we tried at The Muffin Top. Nevertheless, I’d still come back for the coffee itself. I’d never had a salted caramel latte, but this one has definitely set the benchmark high of future expectations for this type.

Thank you for reading 🙂 Stay tuned for the last review tomorrow!

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