Minneapolis Mixtures: 7 Days Of Coffee (Day 4)

Life really does imitate art, which in turn imitates life, which in turn… etc.

I essentially ended up meeting the protagonist of my cat cafe story that I’m working on in real life!

Her name happens to be Liz, exactly matching that of my main character, and she works in a night bar cafe called The Muffin Top Cafe. Fortunately, this cafe stays open till 2 in the morning, which was perfect for tonight, because all of the other cafes were closed and I was only free to go hunting for today’s new coffee to review after 8:30 this evening.

I would describe the atmosphere of this cafe to be exactly like that of The Twilight Owl short story concept I wrote about not too long ago. The music overhead was pleasant, with old familiar favorites playing gently and wafting throughout the scene; it wasn’t too loud to overshadow any conversations, but it was present enough to allow yourself to tune into it as you please while enjoying your drink.

I ordered a medium hot caramel latte and it came in a quaint glass mug, which was smaller than I expected, but super cute. The milk foam was frothed properly and impressively stacked up quite high within the cup. The most noteworthy takeaway from this coffee, though, was how reasonably priced it was compared to about literally anything else I’ve seen here in Minnesota so far. It was about half the cost, and I simply couldn’t believe it. I honestly should have probably gone with the large, in that case.

This was one strong coffee, to say the least. I definitely probably shouldn’t have had this at 9 at night, but a writer’s gotta do what a writer’s gotta do. There was a bit of an odd aftertaste due to the heavy use of artificial caramel syrup sweetener, which was quite evident with every sip, but overall this was a smooth drink. It definitely brightened up the night after a long walk in the chilly air, but it went down quick and left me wanting more, although more of what was unclear. I would rate this a 5 or a 6. Not the best, but not the worst. I would not actively seek this drink out again, but I would happily return to the atmosphere around it. The server was wonderfully nice and patient with my long decision-making process. I wish I had told her about my cat cafe concept, but maybe she somehow already knew, especially considering that she’s literally living in it, save for the magic part, although who knows…

I’m so glad I got the chance to stop by this cafe despite it being so late for caffeine. If I hadn’t, I would have had to write about the only other coffee I had today, which was a complimentary medium roast from Coach at VeeCon to which I added 2 coffee mate creamers. It was good, and it certainly helped to wake me up this morning, as I had yet another early start, but a fashion company isn’t typically the first thing I think of when I consider which cafes’ coffees I’m looking to review abroad, but stranger things have happened. Who needs to limit themselves to one niche anyways, am I right?

Coffee aside, I had a really wonderful day today. I’m meeting so many wonderful people and making some truly meaningful connections here. Everyone is so full of kindness, passion, and energy. As a fairly introverted individual, I’m really finding myself to be coming out of my comfort zone this weekend and actually taking the initiative to engage with others. Not only that, but it’s re-energizing me socially! It’s great to find people to connect with who share similar interests and a curious, growth-oriented mindset.

Thank you for reading today’s coffee review 🙂 Only 3 more to go in Minnesota here! I’m thinking of doing more coffee reviews with different themes in the future. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am 🙂

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