Minneapolis Mixtures: 7 Days Of Coffee (Day 2)

The first day (well, welcome party) of Vee Con in Minneapolis was a wealth of good times and great connections, yet also much sensory overload, so I’ll keep my coffee post short and sweet for day 2. 

Some days are tough to write, but I met some cool people today (most notably Beeple!!!) that reminded me how consistency is key. So, I’m gonna do it anyways, even though I don’t want to, because deep down I do, so I am.

In line with that theme today, in the meantime I’ll be posting just the notes I took from when I was drinking a turtle mocha from Caribou Coffee, so check back soon for a more in-depth updated version 🙂

Caribou Coffee (located in a bustling mall) – Turtle mocha

~Creamy, chocolatey, and utterly delicious

~Pours down your mouth like a warm melted chocolate turtle

~Did not burn my mouth like I did on the first day and like with other coffees I’ve typically had, so it has a perfect immediate temperature

~Surprisingly more caramel than expected, and pleasantly so

~Intuition says 9 out of 10, so definitely better than yesterday and would 100% seek this out again

~A great treat for if you want a hot chocolate and coffee simultaneously without the bitterness or grittiness that mochas often bring with them, but you also want the full caffeine and the full sense of cocoa

~Uplifting, and a pleasant experience overall

~A bit cramped in terms of store size and quite crowded in the mall, but not too loud save for the hum of the appliances

~Lots of little splashes of color throughout made the place cute and vibrant; a small and lively scene for enjoying coffee and ideation in conversation

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