Signed, The Espressialist

Welcome to The Twilight Owl.

Only from the hours of dusk till dawn does this fabled magical cat café appear.

Mortals and witches abound in this intermediary space at the crossroads of perpendicular dimensions.

Magical beings are privy to the unique magical concoctions The Espressialist provides, ranging in a variety of effects highly sought after for their intense qualities and mixed durations.

Humans, on the other hand, gain access to all manner of espresso specialties. Some might notice a change in affect upon sipping these delicious brews, but nothing more than what one might expect from the ensuing caffeine circulating in one’s system. Not only that, but they pair deliciously well with a cool scoop of chocolate orange ice cream for when one cannot decide between eating or drinking their treat.

All are free to move from one world to the other at this interdimensional pinnacle; but, alas, one can only see the passageways that belong to one’s own realm, save for a lucky few that have the luxury of seeing them all, with no door off-limits and the subsequent plethora of opportunities always available to them.

Elizabeth is, fortunately, one of the latter.

Yet, she is stuck behind the counter as the resident Espressialist, always attentively watching the comings and goings of fellow newcomer patrons and regulars from either realm without ever experiencing either.

The worlds are always open to her, but she lacks the ability to pass through to either of them.

Every night she tampers with the ingredients at hand to create new and interesting concoctions, hoping one day to stumble upon a beverage that will transport her to where she needs to go.

So far, there have been plenty of happy accidents, including the spontaneous creation of drinks that mitigate intense pain and rumination; however, to no avail in her own personal quest of exploration.

Nevertheless, she always makes a mighty fine brew that is perfectly tailored to alleviate any and all ailments of whoever steps through the doors of The Owl with just one quick curious glance.

What will she make for you?

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