Every Elizabeth, Each Enthralling (Part 7)

Who is Elizabeth?

She is the One. The subject of the unfinished yet malleable prophecy of the fabric of reality.

She is known by several different names and takes on various identities as she is fractured into four parallels. Each one is a part, every bit as enthralling alone as the whole. It is a sensational separation.

Yet it is a divine disaster.

It is not supposed to happen like this.

In fact, the very nature of these fractal identities threatens the entire stability of the universe.

Elizabeth is at the center of the Anomaly, the point in time and space where a critical deviation occurs among the countless what-ifs constantly taken for granted by all except for the overly anxious. Here, it is a pivotal choice that changes the trajectory of her life, and the reality for countless others, forever.

Only, she somehow manages to get away with every single outcome happening simultaneously.

Her mind and body cannot cope with the scale of this cosmic cognitive dissonance.

Thus, she splits into four.

One stays to practice the life she is taught, but is lost to the world, stuck in the loop of a one-track mind.

One retires in hopeful search of something better, but unfortunately resigns herself to a bitter existence.

One leaves gracefully, glowing with the freedom of her decision, envied, vivacious, eternally traveling.

The last one remains undecided. This is the version of her upon which the fate of the universe rests.

Elsa, Elise, Elixane and Liz.

All scattered across time. All separated by space. All parts of One whole. All with an un-fillable void.

To truly understand, one must go back to the very beginning.

It all starts with a blue butterfly, a pursuing cat and a curious girl.

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