How-To Make A Podcast (BTW It’s Surprisingly Easy)

I started a podcast!

It’s called Creative Creators and it can be found here on Spotify and Anchor. The pilot episode called First Came The Pirate Chicken was published earlier today, January 10, at noon.

I recorded this with my partner last night and in this episode we talk about my previous blog post called A Pirate Chicken And His Time-Traveling Cat. In that post I wrote out the possible prologue for a story inspired by some art that my partner drew, which in turn was inspired by my response to his question last year that he should create a steampunk pirate chicken with a time-traveling cat companion.

The Captain, Buck, and his cat companion, Skipper.

It may be a little confusing in terms of a hot-potato-how-did-this-idea-actually-start-anyway sort of way, but creativity was abound and content was created, which is the whole point of making a podcast about such things.

I believe that creating and sharing stories is one of the most human things we can do; we’re driven by seeking out and telling our own stories as nourishment for our souls in a world where we all collectively don’t really know what’s going on or what meaning our lives truly have, so creativity offers us a tool to seek out our own purpose and interpretation of a seemingly unanswerable question. Especially since we all know by now that the Ultimate Answer is 42.

Can you tell I read a lot of Douglas Adams?

But, I digress.

So, how do you actually make a podcast?

To start, all you really need is a way to record yourself, or someone else, and a topic. That’s it. You just talk about a central theme and welcome any delightful tangents along the way.

My partner and I used Anchor to make an account. We went through their user-friendly process of setting up a podcast by picking an email and a password for the account followed by writing a name and a description for the episode, uploading the recording (which supports video, too, or recordings directly via the site), adding a featured image, and scheduling a time for it to be posted to both Anchor and Spotify. We could have posted it immediately, but we figured we would rather post it at noon on a Monday to seem a little more professional as opposed to doing so around 2am on a Sunday night.

That about sums it up. It’s surprisingly easy, and the fact that you can have the freedom and flexibility to talk about anything is quite thrilling. Creating content is quite exciting and anyone can do it. Even if there are silly little mistakes that may be made along the way, it showcases how perfectly imperfect we all are.

If you have 22 minutes please check out the podcast! It would mean the world to me 🙂 Furthermore, if you’d like to be on it or know someone else who would, do reach out! Otherwise, maybe try making your own podcast and I’ll come check it out!

The About section in Creative Creators reads as follows: By creators. For creators. Interviewing creators. Asking what elements spark creative joy. Creatively.

Creative, right?

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