How-To Make Coffee-Sushi: Espresso Edition

So, today I made coffee-flavored sushi. 

100% fully intentionally. 

Not because I mistook maple syrup for a concoction of cinnamon and espresso I had made weeks prior as an additive to my morning lattes and the viscosity of it threw me off-guard and I lost control thus spilling nearly half of the whole bottle of the stuff into the bowl of freshly-cooked sushi rice or anything. Nor did I make an embarrassing yelp and laugh so hard I sank to the ground in disbelief just as the realization of my mistake in-turn sunk into me. Honest.

But, you know what? Overall, it actually tasted pretty great! Turns out that coffee pairs quite well with avocados, carrots, cucumbers and sweet potato 🙂

Also, mixing soy sauce with leftover espresso turned out to be a pretty complimentary addition! Though, I do believe the ratio should favor the soy sauce, in my clearly professional opinion, as the salt of it hits a bit better than the overt sweetness of the coffee.

I failed at making sushi as I had intended to. Everyone at the dinner table had a laugh. But, they were laughing with me, not at me (at least, I hope so). I succeeded at making some great memories, a handful of silly videos, and a cozy night cooking-in all the more special. If Bob Ross could taste this, he would definitely agree that this was one delectable happy accident. A gluten-free and vegan one at that 🙂

Coffee-lovers will rejoice at this novel brunch option. This could even make a great late-night snack for fellow night-owls. I should pitch this especially to university students who need a caffeine kick and extra fuel to cram for exams. I sure could have benefited from it instead of leaning on my anxiety alone.

Now I just have to keep experimenting and figure out what else I can put into coffee-sushi to unlock even more flamboyant flavors. Fruits? Desserts? Chocolate-covered strawberries, perhaps? The possibilities are endless, and definitely worth exploring as I start to develop my cat cafe story concept … More on that later. Private personal project. For now 😉

Oh, and yes I’m writing and posting this near midnight as I may have had just a smidgen more caffeine today than my usual daily dose. 

Fancy how that happened.

In other rather completely unrelated news, I will be staying up late tonight writing of my own volition and not due to the sheer power of a potential espresso overdose coursing through my veins. Honest. Again.

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